My name is Rogier, I’m a Digital Artist who works in the media industry with a specialization in creature design. I grew up and am currently living in The Netherlands. However, I left my country for a little while to study animation in Seoul at South Korea National University of Art. I completed the semester there, returned and went on to graduate for my bachelor in game art and followed that up with a master’s degree in art, creative design for digital cultures. My Supportive Narrative was with a focus on creatures in video games.
I’ve worked on several media projects, I’m very proud that I worked on the videogame: Lumini as a 3D/2D general artist. We presented the game at several large conventions such as Gamescom in Germany and Momocon in USA.
If I’m not busy with making, watching, playing or reading media I’m either swimming or probably traveling to the nearest E-Sports tournament!


Name Rogier Stam
Gender Male
Date of Birth 09/29/1991
Nationality Dutch
Curriculum Vitae Rogier Stam CV Nederlands
Rogier Stam CV English


Entertainment games
Master Thesis Creature Design: Important Aspects

Software knowledge

Adobe Photoshop Sketching, Concept Art, Illustration, Photo editing and Web Design.
Adobe Premiere Video editing & animation.
Autodesk Maya Modeling, UV mapping, texturing, weight-painting, rigging & animation
Autodesk 3DS Max Modeling, UV mapping, texturing, animation, Corona Renderer
Blender Modeling, Uv mapping
Marmoset Rendering
Unity 3D Particles, Asset managment


Digital painting
Swimming & Waterpolo